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The Texas State University System does more with less - with better result - than any other university system in Texas. With a 55 percent increase in degree production over the last decade, TSUS institutions are responding to the demands of our growing state and producing graduates who contribute to Texas' economic vitality and quality of life. The Texas State University System's state appropriation per student is 22 percent lower than the state average, and our tuition and fees are among the lowest in the state. Our Productivity Dashboard provides data on these and other important performance measures.

14 Percent Below

Tuition and Fees

TSUS tuition and fees have been approximately 14-22% below the state average every year over the past decade.

22 Percent Less

State Appropriation per Student

In 2012, the average state appropriation per TSUS student was 22% less than the average state appropriation per student for all Texas public universities.

28 Percent Decrease

State Support

Since 2003, state appropriations as a percent of total revenue have decreased 28% for TSUS, from 46% to 33%.

18 Percent Lower

Administrative Cost per Student

The average administrative cost per TSUS student is 18% lower than the average administrative cost per student across the state. Since 2007, the state average has increased by 12% while the TSUS average has decreased by seven percent.

55 Percent Increase


Over the past decade, the number of degrees awarded by TSUS has increased 55%, a growth rate that is 9% higher than the state’s rate of growth.

34 Percent Increase


TSUS enrollment has increased 34% over the decade, while the state’s total enrollment has increased by 26%. TSUS has grown 31% faster than the state.

80 Percent

Employed and/or Enrolled

Over the past decade, more than 80% of TSUS graduates have become employed and/or enrolled in a graduate program in Texas within one year of graduation—the highest percentage of any university system in the state.

58 Percent

Transfer Student Graduation Rate

The graduation rate of students transferring to TSUS from a Texas two-year college is 58%, which is four percent higher than the state rate.

17 Percent More

Faculty Teaching

TSUS faculty taught more semester credit hours than the state average in every year since 2003, teaching 17% more than in 2011.

38 Percent Less

Faculty & Staff per 1000 Students

Since 2003, TSUS has consistently had fewer faculty and staff per student than the state average, 38% less in the most recent year.

27 Percent Less

Space Allocation

In 2012, the average square footage per student in TSUS was 27% less than the state average, yet the TSUS allocates 31% more of its limited space to teaching.


* "Student" refers to full-time student equivalent (FTSE).
** State averages exclude TSUS data.  

Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board



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