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Chancellor's Council

cc logoEstablished in 2006, the Chancellor’s Council is a unique association of dedicated supporters and friends of The Texas State University System. The Council recognizes major contributors, and encourages continuous public and private support of Texas higher education.

Individuals may become members of the Council based on their past record of private support to one of the eight component institutions in the System. The Council seeks members who are interested in the future of Texas higher education and advancing the mission and goals of The Texas State University System.

Through the efforts and dedication of Council members and the leadership of the chancellor, the TSUS is carrying its mission of education, research and service to all Texans.

The Council meets periodically to receive briefings on outstanding achievement, service, research or life experiences. Council members hear from presidents, faculty members, students and prominent Texans.


Contact Information:

The Texas State University System Chancellor's Council
208 E. 10th Street, Suite 600
Austin, TX 78701-2407

Phone: (512) 463-1808
FAX: (512) 463-1816