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Lamar University

Selected Artworks

Image Gallery


Artist: Emery, Lin
Date: 2016
Medium: Stainless Steel
Location: Science and Technology

And We Waltz With Water

Artist: Gay, Dixie Friend
Date: 2018
Medium: Hand Glazed Tiles
Location: Science and Technology

Cardinal Column

Artists: Ernst, Carter and Kittelson, Paul
Date: 2021
Medium: Stainless Steel, Concrete, Ceramic
Location: Welcome Center

Spirit Columns

Artist: Moroles, Jesus
Date: 2016
Medium: Georgia Gray Granite
Location: Reaud Administration

Sam Houston State University

Selected Artworks

Elemental Mandala

Artist: Ash, Kathleen
Date: 2015
Medium: Glass, Forged Steel
Location: Gaertner Performing Arts Building

Synchronicity of Color

Artist: Sawyer, Margo
Date: 2018
Medium: Glass, Stainless Steel
Location: Dana G. Hoyt Fine Arts Building

Analemma Dilemma: A Puzzle for Bearkats

Artist: Philips, Dan
Date: 2018
Medium: Stainless Steel, Mosaic, Mixed Media
Location: Gaertner Performing Arts Center

The Raven

Artist: Wilson, Ed
Date: 2018
Medium: Stainless Steel
Location: Life Science Building

Sul Ross State University

Selected Artworks

¿Donde Està?

Artist: Fort, Curtis
Medium: Bronze, Brick, Concrete
Location: Museum of the Big Bend

Lobos Fountain

Artist: Unnamed Students
Medium: Stone and Steel
Location: Central Quad


Medium: Oil on Canvas
Location: Warnock Science Building

Texas State University

Selected Artworks


Artist: Winn, Buck
Date: 1958
Medium: Concrete and Glass
Location: Flowers Hall

Texas Door

Artist: Zapata, Miguel
Date: 2014
Medium: Bronze
Location: Performing Arts Center

River of Leaves

Artist: Goldstein, Daniel
Date: 2012
Medium: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Powder Coat

Texas Twister

Artist: Aycock, Alice
Date: 2018
Medium: Aluminum, Steel and Powder Coat
Location: Ingram Hall

The Vaquero

Artist: Shields, Clete
Date: 2013
Medium: Bronze
Location: Old Main Plaza

Lamar Institute of Technology

Selected Artworks


Artist: Housberg, Paul
Date: 2018
Medium: Plate Glass and Steel
Location: Petrochemical and Advanced Technology Center


Artist: Munro, Bruce
Date: 2019
Medium: Blown Glass and LED
Location: Eagles Nest Building

Lamar State College Orange

Selected Artworks

Orange Flower

Artist: Surls, james
Date: 2016
Medium: Bronze and Stainless Steel
Location: Shahan Event Center

Shangri La Series

Artist: Carter, Keith
Date: 2017
Medium: Photography on Aluminum
Location: Nursing Building

Lamar State College Port Arthur

Selected Artworks