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Appendix A-10

Sul Ross State University
Campus Carry Policy

I. Policy Statement

Sul Ross State University (University) is committed to providing a safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors while respecting the rights of individuals licensed to carry concealed handguns where permitted by law. Licensed individuals may carry licensed handguns on campus premises except in locations and at activities prohibited by law and regulation.

II. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set forth the University’s guidelines on firearms on university property as outlined by Senate Bill 11 of the Texas Legislature and State and Federal Laws. This policy does not apply to commissioned peace officers as defined in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures.

III. Scope

A. Right to Carry: A Licensed Holder may carry a concealed handgun while on the university grounds and in University transportation vehicles, unless prohibited by state or federal law, or prohibited by signage posted by the University.

B. Open Carry Prohibited: All persons, including license holders, are prohibited from openly carrying a handgun on University grounds.

C. Display of Concealed Handgun: A License Holder may not carry a partially or fully visible handgun, holstered or otherwise, or intentionally display a handgun in plain view of another person on the university grounds.

D. License: A License Holder must carry his or her Concealed Handgun License as required by law and display said license to law enforcement officials in accordance with 411.205 of the Texas Government Code. License Holders are not required to disclose their status as a concealed handgun licensee in order to participate in any program or service offered by the University, except as required by law.

E. Storage of Firearms: It is the responsibility of the license holder to properly store their concealed handgun in accordance with the Texas Government Code Subchapter H Section 411.188.4. In addition, the University does not provide gun storage at any of the university campuses for concealed handguns or other firearms.


State Laws & Other Regulations

1. Senate Bill 11 – Campus Carry

2. Texas Government Code Section 411.205 – Requirement to Display License

3. Texas Government Code Subchapter H, Section 411.188.4 – Law Enforcement and Public Protection