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Appendix A-12

Sam Houston State University
Concealed Carry Campus Policy

1. General

Sam Houston State University (“SHSU”) is committed to developing and implementing a Concealed Carry Policy to meet Texas Law to be implemented under Texas Government Code Section 411.2031 (Carrying of Handguns by License Holders on Certain Campus) and Texas Penal Code 46.035.

2. Purpose

2.01 This Policy articulates the reasonable rules, regulations and provisions regarding carrying of concealed handguns by license holders on all SHSU campuses.

a. In accordance with Government Code Section 411.2031 and Texas Penal Code 46.035, Sam Houston State University recognizes the right of individuals licensed to carry concealed handguns to do so on campus land and in buildings owned or leased by SHSU, unless otherwise provided herein.

b. Individuals who possess a valid handgun license from the State of Texas or an approved reciprocating state may legally carry a concealed handgun on or about their person.

c. Campus housing resident license holders may carry their weapon on or about their person in the residence halls. License holders residing in campus housing are responsible for the safe storage of their handgun whenever it is not on or about their person by use of secure storage devices as required by the Department of Residence Life. All other weapons (to include long guns) remain prohibited in campus housing units.

3. Areas that are Prohibited Concealed Carry Locations (PCCL).

3.01 Official Athletic Events (Collegiate or University Interscholastic League) held in Bowers Stadium, Don Sanders Baseball Complex, Bearkat Softball Complex, Meredith and Miriam York Field Events Center, the McAdams Tennis Center, the Johnson Coliseum, and Pritchett Field Stadium.

3.02 Any governmental meeting that takes place on the campuses of SHSU will be a PCCL.

3.03 Powell Health & Counseling Center (1608 Avenue J), Jack Staggs Counseling Center (1932 Bobby K. Marks Drive), Psychological Services Center (919 Bearkat Boulevard), Services for Students with Disabilities Office (Lee Drain Annex 1916 Avenue J), & Counseling Clinic at the Woodlands Campus Suite 151 (3380 College Park Drive; The Woodlands, Texas 77384).

3.04 Official University Student/Employee Disciplinary/Grievance Hearings. (See also § 4 below).

3.05 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab (Chemistry & Forensic Science Building, Room 302 & 323).

3.06 Department of Public Safety Services (Secure Areas of Building Only in the Charles W. Tackett University Police Building 2424 Sam Houston Avenue; Huntsville, Texas 77340).

3.07 Buildings, grounds, or other University venues hosting a University Interscholastic League Event (Official, Sanctioned Competitions).

4. Student and Employee Discipline or Grievance Hearings and Appeals Procedures

It is recognized that student discipline and employee grievance proceedings are held in multi-use venues. During the period a venue is used for such proceedings, the venue shall be a PCCL. The Dean of Students’ or the Director of Human Resources may designate a room to be used for a proceeding that will be a PCCL. Prior to the proceeding, the student, employee and any additional proceeding participants shall be notified that the disciplinary, grievance, or appeal hearing location is a PCCL. Signage shall be placed at the designated hearing venue at least thirty minutes prior to the proceeding. Proceeding participants may also be given notice through a written document prior to entering the room. At the conclusion of the proceeding, signage shall be removed from the location.

5. University Signage for PCCL Areas

5.01 Signage that is clearly visible, noting that the premise in question is a PCCL, shall be placed in conspicuous areas (entrances). Notice that is given on a card, document, or sign must contain the following language:

Pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter this property with a concealed handgun.

De conformidad con la Sección 30.06, Código Penal (violación por el titular de la licencia con una pistola oculta), una persona con licencia bajo el Subcapítulo H, Capítulo 411, Código de Gobierno (ley de licencias arma de mano), no puede entrar en esta propiedad con una pistola oculta.

a. PCCL signs must meet the minimum requirements:

i. Include the above italicized language in both English and Spanish;

ii. Use contrasting colors, block letters, at least 1 inch in height; and

iii. Be displayed in a conspicuous manner clearly visible to the public.

b. All signage and other documentation used to indicate a PCCL shall be approved by the President.

6. Review of Policy

6.01 Each even numbered year, SHSU shall review this policy as follows:

a. The committee for Concealed Carry on Campus shall,

i. Review PCCL on campus; and

ii. Provide recommendations on new locations designated as PCCL or any updates to the President.

b. Any changes to this Policy, shall be submitted to Board of Regents in accordance with provisions stated in the Board’s Rules and Regulations for approval in accord with the timelines provided in Texas Government Code Section 411.2031; and

c. The President shall submit a report to the Texas Legislature by September 1st of each even numbered year describing SHSU rules, regulations, or other provisions and justifications on carrying of concealed weapons on campus. A copy of the report shall be provided to the Chancellor and the Board of Regents.


Texas Government Code Section 411.2031
Texas Government Code Section 422.207
Texas Penal Code 46.035