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2.1 Extent of Authority

The Texas Legislature, which is given the duty and authority to provide for the maintenance, support, and direction of The Texas State University System, has delegated to the Board of Regents in Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated, the power and authority, in broad terms, to administer the System. The following selected excerpts from Texas Education Code provide examples of the authority vested in the Board:

2.2 Board Responsibilities

The organization, control, and management of the State University System is vested in the Board of Regents of The Texas State University System. 1 The Board is responsible for the general control and management of the Components in the system and may erect, equip, and repair buildings; purchase libraries, furniture, apparatus, fuel, and other necessary supplies; employ and discharge Presidents or principals, teachers, treasurers, and other employees; and fix the salaries of the persons so employed; and perform such other acts as in the judgment of the Board contribute to the development of the Components in the System or the welfare of their students. 2 The Board has authority to promulgate and enforce such rules, regulations, and orders for the operation, control, and management of the system and its Component institutions as the Board may deem either necessary or desirable. When a power is vested in the Board, the Board may adopt a rule, regulation, or order delegating such power to any officer, employee, or committee as the Board may designate. 3 The Board is responsible for regularly reviewing institutional missions and strategic plans.

2.3 Limitations of Authority

Limitations on Authority. The Board has no authority except as delegated to it by law. Knowledge of the limitations of its authority is imputed to all persons, firms, and corporations dealing with the Board.

2.4 Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas

2.41 Award

The Texas Education Code, Section 95.24, authorizes the Board to determine conditions for the award of degrees, certificates and diplomas. The Board hereby delegates to the President of each Component authority to grant degrees, certificates and diplomas upon the recommendation of the respective faculty, deans, and provosts. All such degrees, certificates and diplomas shall bear the signatures of the Component President, the System Chancellor, and the Chairman of the Board of Regents.

2.42 Revocation

The Board hereby provides notice that the granting of any degrees, certificates or diplomas is specifically conditioned upon the truth of representations made by the student in the admission process and also upon honesty in completion of his or her academic work. When the Board determines that a degree, certificate, diploma, or admission to the institution and/or the academic program was obtained through fraud, mistake, or academic dishonesty, the Board may revoke the degree, certificate, or diploma, provided the Component has afforded the degree, certificate, or diploma recipient due process of law.

2 Education Code, Section 95.21 (a).
3 Education Code, Section 95.21 (b).