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The Chairman of the Board, as soon as practical following his or her election, shall appoint at least three, but not more than four, Board members, including the Committee Chair, to each of the following standing committees, to terms consecutive with the Chairman's term of office: Planning and Construction, Academic and Health Affairs, Finance and Audit, and Rules and Regulations, and to each Component Local Committee. Vacancies on the committees may be filled by appointment by the Chairman.

6.1 Committee Meetings.

In the absence of a Committee member or members at a scheduled meeting of any Committee, the Committee Chair may ask other regents to serve ad hoc on the Committee. In the event that no Committee member is present for a scheduled Committee meeting, the Chancellor may either reschedule the meeting, if feasible, or refer all Committee business to the full Board for consideration and disposition.

6.2 Planning and Construction Committee

This Committee has primary responsibility for establishing, in consultation with the Chancellor, the Board’s planning and construction agendas and for making recommendations to the Board regarding the planning, construction, maintenance, and use of System and Component buildings and other physical facilities.

For further information concerning construction, see Chapter III, Paragraph 4, Construction Procedures.

6.3 Academic and Health Affairs Committee

The Academic and Health Affairs Committee has primary responsibility for oversight of the academic well being of the colleges and universities, including a college of osteopathic medicine, comprising the Texas State University System.

For further information concerning the duties of this committee, see Chapter III, Paragraph 5, Academic and Health Affairs Procedures.

6.4 Finance and Audit Committee

This Committee has oversight of all the System and Component financial and audit matters and is responsible for making recommendations to the Board respective to:

6.41  Approval of budgets, bond sales, depository contracts, and all other financial matters;

6.42   Direct oversight of the System’s internal audit function, including, but not limited to, the hiring, terms and conditions of employment, and termination of the System Chief Audit Executive; approval of his or her budgets; and, review and approval of annual audit plans and reports.

The Committee shall meet at least once a year with the System Chief Audit Executive.

For information concerning financial affairs, see Chapter III, Paragraph 6, Financial Affairs for information concerning audits, see Chapter III, Paragraph 7, The Audit Function.

6.5 Rules and Regulations Committee

This Committee has primary responsibility for reviewing such proposed changes to these Rules and Regulations as the Chancellor may propose on his or her own initiative or upon the recommendation of a Regent, Vice Chancellor, or Component President.

For further information, see Chapter X, Paragraphs 4 Amendment and 6 Mandatory Periodic Review of Rules.

6.6 Local Committees

At the discretion of the Chair or at the request of the Chancellor, each Local Committee shall convene at least once a year on the campus of the Component to which it is appointed to examine all phases of operations and report to the Board on the same. The Chancellor shall be notified of all the committee meetings and may attend the same at his or her option.

6.7 Component Master Plan Committees

The Chairman of the Board shall appoint a regent to each Component’s Master Plan Committee. See Chapter III, Paragraph 4.