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The 32nd Legislature, 1st Called Session in 1911, provided for the control and management of the normal schools by a State Normal School Board instead of by the State Board of Education. This enabling statute was amended in 1913, 1923, 1929, 1949, 1965, 1969, 1975, and 1995 to form the present Board of Regents of The Texas State University System.

The 38th Legislature of 1923 changed the name of the State Normal Schools to State Teacher’s Colleges, and the 59th Legislature changed the name to State Senior Colleges. In 1969, the name of each college was changed to university. The 64th Legislature in 1975 changed the name of the Board of Regents, State Senior Colleges, to the present name of Board of Regents of The Texas State University System.

In 1965, legislative change provided that the Board of Regents be organized into Local Committees, with the Local Committee of each Component meeting at least once each year on the campus to plan for future growth and development of that Component. These laws were codified as Articles 2644, 2644a, and 2647 of Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes (V.T.C.S.). A recodification was done in 1971, with titles of Subtitle E., Chapter 95, "Administration of the State Senior College System," and Chapter 96, "Institutions of The State Senior College System." Article 2647, as recodified in Chapter 95, Subtitle E., provides for the composition of the Board of Regents, responsibility of the Board, meetings of the Board, authority for the formation of Rules and Regulations in the governance functions, and the power to acquire land. In 2005, the legislature created a place on the Board for a non-voting student regent, Education Code, Section 51.355.