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The Rules and Regulations herein provided may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Board of Regents at any regular meeting or at a special called meeting of the Board. Proposed amendments may be submitted in writing to the Chancellor by the Presidents of the System, officers of the System Administration, or a member of the Board of Regents. Copies of proposed amendments shall be sent to each Component President and reviewed by the Council of Presidents for recommendation to the Rules and Regulations Committee through the Chancellor. The Rules and Regulations Committee will submit to the full Board, for its consideration, any proposed amendments at the May Board Meeting. Emergency amendments may be considered by the Board as general motions at any Board Meeting. The Chancellor shall incorporate all adopted amendments into the appropriate Paragraphs of the Rules and Regulations and mail same to each individual who has copies of the Rules and Regulations immediately following the adoption of the amendments. Should all or any part of the foregoing Rules and Regulations conflict with any constitutional, statutory, or legislative appropriation provisions, they shall be amended to conform therewith.

4.1   The Chancellor is authorized to make minor and non-substantive editorial changes to these Rules and Regulations as necessary to keep the Rules current and correct. In the event such editorial changes are necessary, the Chancellor will ensure that members of the Board, administrative officers, and members of the public have ready access to the current version of the Rules and Regulations.