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4.1 Employment

4.11 Nepotism Rule

No individual may be employed in the System Administration who is related within the first degree of consanguinity to a member of the Board of Regents, or to an employee in the System Administration. The restrictions of Government Code, Chapter 573 shall govern the employment of any relative of a member of the Board of Regents. This rule is not retroactive.

4.12 Retirement Programs

The Board of Regents authorizes the System Administration to make retirement programs available to its employees through the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, the Employees Retirement System of Texas, and optional retirement programs.

4.2 Expenses and Allowances

Reimbursement of travel and related expenses shall be allowed for employees of the System Administration, in accordance with Texas Government Code, Chapter 660, for the following:

4.21 Attending regular and special meetings of the Board.

4.22 Attending formal meetings of Board committees.

4.23 Visiting a Component on System business.

4.24 Attending conferences, workshops, and/or seminars for continuing professional education.

4.25 Such other special and limited purposes in accordance with State regulations. Verified expense accounts shall be submitted to the Chancellor or his or her designee for approval

4.3 Financial Reports

All books, records, ledgers, and accounts of System and Component administrations shall be kept and maintained in conformity with recommendations of the State Auditor and the State Comptroller of Public Accounts subject to approval of the Chancellor and Board. All proposed operating budgets and all biennial appropriation requests shall be first examined, considered, and approved by the Chancellor and presented to the Board for review and approval at an open meeting.

4.31 Annual Operating Budget

The Chancellor shall prepare or cause to be prepared and submit annually to the Board at its May or August meeting, as specified each year by the Board, proposed budgets for the operation of the System and its Components for the next fiscal period. Copies of all proposed operating budgets shall be submitted in writing to all members of the Board at least eight calendar days in advance of such Board meeting. The proposed operating budgets shall reflect all income estimated and itemized by sources, with all expenditures estimated and itemized by fund, project, or department.

4.4 Staff Development Program Rules

4.41 Definition

This program is to provide training through workshops, seminars, institutes, training sessions, extension courses, Component courses (with or without academic credit), and other special programs or activities offered either within or outside the State as authorized by Government Code, Chapter 656. Such programs must be of concentrated, precise content and designed to improve the individual's professional or technical knowledge in the performance of the individual's present or prospective duties and responsibilities. This program is for selected individual staff members and will be provided on the basis of need of the System and to the extent funds are available.

4.42 Objectives

To improve and enhance the individual’s professional and technical knowledge and ability in the performance of the individual’s present or prospective duties and responsibilities.

4.43 Program Elements

This program is generally the type that meets the following criteria: relatively short term, specific in content, and presented outside the employing agency.