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24.1 Purpose.

The Texas State University System is committed to providing a safe environment for its faculty, staff and students. As active attack situations pose an unfortunate, ongoing threat to our campus communities, each System Component shall develop an Active Attack Response and Training Plan that addresses preparedness, response, management, mitigation, infrastructure and recovery after an active attack situation. At a minimum, the plan should be consistent with requirements outlined in Texas Education Code, Section 51.217(b) and include the following characteristics:

(1) Input from and collaboration with appropriate local emergency management personnel;

(2) A training program for personnel charged with emergency management and response;

(3) A program for conducting annual, mandatory training, exercises and drills;

(4) Communications and awareness Components, designed to reach a maximum number of faculty, staff and students;

(5) Prevention Components that address mental health, threat assessment and training; and,

(6) A requirement that compliance with the Plan shall be monitored by a System compliance officer and reported biennially to the Board through the Chancellor or his or her designee.

24.2 Scope.

Each Component’s policy shall apply to all faculty, staff, students and, if assigned to work on the campus permanently, employees of contractors.