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4.1 Component Master Plan Committees.

4.11 Composition.

Each president shall establish and chair (or otherwise designate a chair for) a Component Master Plan Committee whose members shall be approved by the Chancellor or his/her designee. All Component constituents shall be represented, including but not necessarily limited to the Board of Regents, which shall be represented by a Regent to be appointed by the Chairman (see Chapter I, Subparagraph 6.7); the System Administration Office; Component academic, fiscal, student affairs, facilities/planning/construction representatives; faculty; staff; students; and members of the local community (for example, civic, governmental, business and industry leaders).

4.12 Responsibilities.

The primary responsibility of each Component Master Plan Committee shall be to make recommendations to the President and the Chancellor regarding the development of a Campus Master Plan.

See Subparagraph 1.5 of this Chapter and the Texas State University System Policies and Procedures Manual for Planning and Construction.