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The Office of the General Counsel is designed to provide positive support to the Board, System and Component administrations in the effective discharge of their respective responsibilities. The Vice Chancellor and General Counsel shall have responsibility for all System and Component legal affairs, including, but not limited to, hiring and termination of attorneys, setting of salaries, and otherwise establishing terms and conditions of employment. He or she will be responsible for establishing the annual budgets and staffing levels for the Office of General Counsel subject to approval of the Chancellor.

The following items shall be subject to review, approval, and/or monitoring by the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel or his or her designee prior to execution or implementation:

3.1 Component Contracts and Agreements 

All Component contracts and agreements (as defined in Chapter III, Paragraphs 1.11 and 1.12) shall be reviewed prior to their submission to the Board of Regents. Other contracts and agreements involving the Components may be reviewed at the discretion of the Component or as requested by the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel.

3.2 Legal Options

All legal opinions, in whatever form, submitted to the Board of Regents or to be issued for the review of or for reliance upon by parties outside the System or its Components.

3.3 Lawsuits

All lawsuits brought against or for the System or a Component, together with the resolution or settlement thereof, shall be monitored and/or approved by the System Administration and Vice Chancellor and General Counsel.

3.4 Modifications of the student and employee handbooks and other policysetting documents of the Component.

3.5 Special personnel contracts.

3.6 Major Disciplinary Proceedings

Major disciplinary proceedings initiated against faculty, staff, or students which involve hearings or appeals shall be transmitted as soon as practicable. If an emergency situation exists, the Component shall inform the System Administration or Vice Chancellor and General Counsel of any action taken as soon as possible. Occurrence reports on any employee of a Component against whom disciplinary action is contemplated, exclusive of disciplinary warnings, shall be provided to such office as soon as possible.

3.7 Retention, supervision and monitoring of outside legal counsel.

3.8 Communications and Interactions 

Communications and interactions with the Attorney General's Office or other legal, contractual, or regulatory dealings with state, federal or private organizations, including but not necessarily limited to the NCAA, athletic conferences, and similar agencies.

3.9 Sting operations on campus to be conducted by Component or outside law enforcement personnel.