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9.1 Naming of Component Facilities and Erecting of Statues or Monuments.

The Board of Regents retains exclusive authority for the permanent naming of buildings and other geographic areas on Component or Systemowned or controlled property (“Facilities”) or for the erecting of statues or monuments, in accordance with the following guidelines:

(1) Naming of facilities or erecting of statues or monuments shall be by unanimous consent of the Board members attending at a regular or special called meeting.

(2) Facilities shall be named or statues or monuments erected only for persons who have made outstanding or meritorious contributions to the Component or the System or who have attained the highest distinction in their respective fields of endeavor.

(3) Facilities may be named or statues or monuments erected for entities that have supported the Component or the System in an exceptional or noteworthy way.

(4) When the naming of facilities or the erecting of statues or monuments is contemplated as part of a special private-fund development effort or campaign, the prospective contributor shall be informed that any naming is subject to Chancellor and Board approval. Any brochures or other communications, in whatever form, that advertise naming opportunities shall clearly state that all such namings are subject to Board approval.

(5) Naming facilities or erecting statues or monuments in honor of Component or System administrative officials, faculty, staff, or elected or appointed public officials shall normally occur only after the employment or public service has concluded.

(6) Nothing in this Rule shall be construed to require Board approval of informal or functional names or designations of Facilities that do not contain the name of a person or entity.

9.2 Naming of Academic Programs.

The Board of Regents retains exclusive authority for naming academic programs at the Components. Such honorees shall normally have attained national or statewide stature in their fields of endeavor or otherwise significantly contributed to the development of a Component.

9.3 Building Plaques.

Building plaques shall be provided on all new buildings, major landscaping projects, and major renovations where the function of the building changes or the building is substantially renovated. Existing building plaques shall remain in the case of renovation projects. The Building Plaque text shall contain the name of the building on the date of its dedication; the Component name; and the names of the Governor, the Regents, Chancellor, and Component President serving at the time of Board approval of the project; the year in which the project was approved by the Board; the Architect or Engineer; and the General Contractor or Construction Manager. The plaque is subject to approval by the Planning and Construction Committee Chairman in a format and design that complies with standards and guidelines approved in the System Policies and Procedures Manual for Planning and Construction.