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2.1 System Affiliation.

It is the policy of the Board that membership in the Texas State University System by the Components is to be made readily known to those who interact with any Component of our system.

2.11   Publications. All official printed documents (including, by way of example only, letterhead, email letterhead, electronic/internet websites, publications and reports, catalogs, handbooks, and campus master plans), created, maintained, or circulated by any System Component, shall prominently state that the Component is member of The Texas State University System.

2.12   Identification of Regents and Chancellor. Magazines, books, newsletters, annuals and similar publications, shall include the names and home cities of current regents and of the Chancellor.

2.13   Format. Placement of System affiliation shall appear prominently on a single line on the cover and the first page of all such documents and publications.

2.14   Off Campus Signage and Advertisements. Off-campus advertising or signage in which the Component’s name appears shall clearly state that the Component is a member of the Texas State University System.

2.2 Component Communication with Board and System.

No Component shall prohibit communication between any member of the Board of Regents or member of the System Administration and any employee or student of the Component. Any direction or instruction from the Board member or System Administration employee will be made to the Component President or a representative designated by the President.