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1.1 Definitions.

A Component or System office employee is any person who is under the authority and in the paid service of a Component which is under the jurisdiction and control of the Board of Regents of The Texas State University System, other than independent contractors or consultants.

1.11   A faculty employee is an employee with a specified academic rank holding a teaching appointment for a fixed term as determined by the President of the Component and approved by the Board of Regents (see Paragraph 4 of this Chapter).

1.12   A staff employee is any employee other than a faculty employee.

1.121   Unclassified staff employees include administrative officers and other administrative and professional personnel who are serving without fixed terms and who are not included in the Component’s classification plan (see Paragraphs 3 and 5 of this Chapter and the exception provided for in Subparagraph 1.13 of this Chapter).

1.122   Classified staff employees include those personnel who are appointed without fixed terms to those job classes in the Component's classification plan which requires similar duties, skills, and qualifications including but not limited to secretarial, clerical, technical, paraprofessional, protective service, skilled crafts, and labor/service/ maintenance (see Paragraph 5 of this Chapter).

1.123   Administrative officers are Vice Presidents, Deans, and other administrative personnel with delegated executive authority as determined by the President. The President shall file with the System Administration the title of any administrative personnel other than Vice Presidents and Deans to whom executive authority has been delegated.

1.13   Special Employment Contracts. Notwithstanding the Board’s employment-at-will policy, in exceptional cases, where the Component President determines that the nature of the particular profession demands special consideration, the Component may enter into a special employment contract for a term not greater than three (3) years with an individual as an unclassified staff member. If the employee is paid wholly from non-appropriated funds, the contract term may not exceed five (5) years. Contracts in excess of the President’s authority shall be subject to the Chancellor’s review and approval.

1.131   Each contract must include a provision permitting its termination for cause (as defined in the contract) without penalty.

1.132   An employee under such a contract may be reassigned to other duties within the Components, retaining his or her base salary for a period not to exceed one (1) year, after which he or she shall be compensated until the contract expires at a rate not to exceed the salaries of other similarly situated employees. If the compensation for the contract is paid from non-appropriated funds, Components may include contract buyout terms in lieu of a reassignment provision.

1.133   If an employee is also provided a concurrent teaching appointment, the System’s Rules and Regulations related to faculty will govern the teaching appointment.