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5.1 Employment.

5.11   Hiring. The Board authorizes the President of the Component to hire all unclassified staff employees (exclusive of administrative officers), all classified staff employees, and other non-faculty personnel who are paid on a monthly or hourly basis. All employees hired under the authority of this Subparagraph shall serve without a fixed term and at the pleasure of the President.

5.111   All hiring shall be made on the basis of merit. The President of the Component may investigate the character, integrity, scholastic attainment, and other qualifications of prospective employees before hiring them or before exercising any delegated authority for hiring them.

5.112   As provided in the Constitution of the State of Texas, Article I, Section 4, and by statute, no religious qualification shall be required for appointment to any office or position connected with the System or any Component thereof.

5.113   There shall be full compliance with statutory provisions requiring notification to employees.

5.114   Each Component may require a pre-employment, post offer physical examination of applicants to be employed in regular positions if the physical examination is required of all applicants for a particular job position. The expense of the examination will be paid by the Component.

5.12   Salaries. The salary of each employee covered by Subparagraph 5.11 of this Chapter shall be set by the President of the Component and in accordance with the approved budgets.

5.2    Terminations. The President of each Component shall have the authority to terminate at any time the employment of any employee covered by Subparagraph 5.11 of this Chapter.

5.3    Absences. The President of each Component shall adopt policies and guidelines covering the authorized absences for all personnel covered by Paragraph 5 of this Chapter. Such policies and guidelines shall be in accordance with the provisions of current statutes and these Rules and Regulations (see Subparagraph 2.51 of this Chapter).

5.4   Outside Employment. The provisions and conditions for outside employment by all classified and unclassified staff employees, including administrative officers, shall be the same as those established for faculty members under Subparagraph 4.83 of this Chapter.

5.5    Acceptance of Money from Students. Administrative and staff employees shall not, without previous and special written approval of the Component administration, collect from students any fees or charges to be expended for Component purposes. Certain positions, such as cashiers and similar positions, may have this approval as part of their job descriptions. Acceptance of funds by Component employees, in any case, shall be only via official Component receipt mechanisms as approved by the Component’s chief fiscal officer.

5.6   Sexual Misconduct. Unclassified employees and all classified employees shall comply with the System’s “Sexual Misconduct” policy found in Chapter III, Paragraph 22 and Appendix A-6.