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7.1 Student Government.

The student governments currently authorized at the Components of the System are hereby approved. Student government has no existence separate and apart from the Component, and student government shall have only such jurisdiction and exercise only such powers as the Board may now, or hereafter, delegate to it through the Component President.

7.11   Constitutions and Bylaws Approved. The constitutions and bylaws of the several student governments in force at the date of adoption of these Rules and Regulations are hereby approved to the extent that they are not in conflict with such Rules and Regulations.

7.12   Mode of Amending Constitutions and Bylaws. An amendment to the constitution or bylaws of a student government may be adopted by an association in accordance with its constitution and bylaws, but the change shall not become effective until transmitted to and acted upon by the Chief Student Affairs Officer and approved by the Component President.

7.13   Amendment or Repeal by the Board of Regents. The Board shall amend or repeal any portion of the constitution and bylaws of a student government when, in the judgment of the Board, the interests of the particular Component shall require it.

7.14   Amendment or Repeal by the President. The President shall have the power to amend or repeal any provision in the constitution or bylaws of the student government, when in the President's judgment, the interests of the Component require it. The action by the President shall be subject to review Subparagraph 7.13, above.

7.15   Persons Compensated by Student Government. All persons employed on salary or compensated for personal services in any manner by or under the direct supervision of the student government shall have the approval of the Chief Student Affairs Officer and shall be subject to prior approval by the President or a designated appointee both as to salary and as to qualifications. This authority shall not be exercised in a manner that would infringe upon the constitutionally protected rights of students.

7.16   Annual Financial Reports. The Chief Student Affairs Officer shall require the officially recognized student government to make available, on an annual basis, a complete financial report to the Component business officer, as well as such special reports as may be called for by such business officer. A duplicate copy of each report shall be filed with the Chief Student Affairs Officer.

7.2 Rights and Obligations of Student Government.

The student government on each campus shall be a recognized forum of student opinion.

7.21   When a student government takes a position on issues directly related to a Component and its operations, it shall forward its recommendations to the Chief Student Affairs Officer and the President. This Subparagraph shall not prohibit the student government from free expression of its position.

7.22   When a student government takes a position on non-Component issues, it shall make clear the fact that it does not speak for the Component.

7.23   A student government may conduct polls, initiate petitions, and/or establish forums for debate or discussion; and, said action shall be regulated only as to time, place, and manner but shall be subject to Chapter VII, Subparagraph 3.3.

7.24   Officers of a student government may so identify themselves when they express their personal views, but they shall then make it clear that they are not speaking for the Component or for the student body; and, they shall make it clear they are not speaking for the student government unless the legislative body of that government has authorized the statement in advance.

7.3 Stipends.

A Component may authorize the student government to grant fair and reasonable stipends to elected student body officers provided such stipends are paid from student fees and are first authorized by a one time referendum vote of the student body. Thereafter, stipends are subject to approval by authorized student governments. The granting by student governments of such stipends shall not establish an employer/employee relationship with the Component, and the subject student officers shall not receive employee benefits from the Component. The provisions of Subparagraph 7.15 above shall apply to the setting of the compensation of student body officers.

7.4 President's Authority.

The Component President has authority over all its activities, policies, contractual agreements, and financial matters of student government, provided said authority does not infringe on the free exercise of the constitutional rights of the students or the student government.