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Each Component shall issue each student enrolled at the Component a student photo identification (I.D.) card, which grants access to or use of Component facilities, programs, activities, and financial disbursements.

11.1 Access to Component Facilities. 

The student must present his or her I.D. when seeking access to or use of Component facilities or amenities or when otherwise requested by a Component official.

11. 2 Falsification. 

Any falsification, misrepresentation or other misuse of the student I.D. card is prohibited and shall be punishable under Subparagraph 5.2 of this Chapter and/or the Component code of student discipline.

11. 3 Nontransferable.

Student I.D. Cards are nontransferable, that is, they may not be loaned, borrowed, or used by another person for identification on or off campus or for any of the purposes stated in this Paragraph. A student shall immediately report a lost or stolen I.D. card to the administrative official or office responsible for issuing the I.D. card.