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1.1 Definition.

In these Rules and Regulations “Solicitation” means: (1) the sale or offer for sale of any property, goods, products or services, or (2) the receipt of or request for any gift or contribution.

1.2 Permitted Exceptions.

Solicitation on the campus of any Component is prohibited, except for the following activities, provided the person engaging in such activities complies with the imperatives of Subparagraphs 1.2 through 1.5:

(1) The sale or offer for sale through vending machines operated by the Component or its subcontractor of: (1) any newspaper, magazine, or other publication in an area designated by the President or his/her designee; (2) food, drink and other items.

(2) The sale or offer for sale of any Component publication, book, or other material used in the academic work of the Component by the Component or its subcontractor in an area designated by the President or a designee.

(3) The operation by the Component or its subcontractor of: (1) a bookstore, specialty store, laundry, Component dining service, or other service maintained for the convenience of the Component's students, faculty, or staff; or (2) food, and drinks, souvenirs, and programs at athletic contests or other events sponsored or authorized by the Component.

(4) The advertisement of any activity, item, or product sponsored or authorized by the Component and approved by the President or his/her designee; advertisements appearing in any publication or sent through the United States or private postal service.

(5) The collection of tuition, charges and fees under Subparagraph 1.4 of Chapter III.

(6) The collection by registered student, faculty, or staff organizations: (1) of membership fees or dues; or (2) of fees or contributions for the exhibition of movies or other programs, including fine arts and athletic events sponsored by the Component or by such organizations.

(7) Presidential-approved participation in: (1) nondiscriminatory activities on behalf of charitable organizations; or (2) events sponsored by a registered student, faculty, or staff organization or the Component that are authorized and scheduled in accordance with the facilities-use regulations of the Component. All signs, tickets, and literature advertising the event must identify the sponsoring organization. The Component may require that members of the sponsoring organization solicit directly and may prevent organizations from using nonmembers to fund-raise, or solicit for the organization.

(8) Activities of agents of companies authorized by the Component to provide instruments, equipment, supplies, health insurance, optional retirement programs, tax-sheltered annuities, or other services to the Component or its employees.

1.3 Responsibilities for Permitted Exceptions.

Persons engaged in the Solicitation activities listed in Subparagraphs 1.1(1) – (8) above are responsible for assuring that they maintain the portions of the campus and building they use in a clean, orderly and appealing in appearance and for assuring that their use:

(1) preserves an academic atmosphere and does not disrupt classes, Component programs, or other activities;

(2) maintains security and safety for persons and property, does not unreasonably expose persons on campus to crime; and avoids unlawful activities;

(3) protects the privacy of students, faculty, and staff, and protects them from deception, fraud and similar commercial exploitation;

(4) permits the free flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic;

(5) preserves the beauty of the Component's campus, buildings, and facilities, and avoids unnecessary wear and tear on buildings, grounds, or facilities; and

(6) protects students, faculty, and staff from deception, fraud, and commercial exploitation.

1.4 Failure to Follow Rules.

The President may prohibit persons or organizations from soliciting on campus if they fail to follow these rules. He or she may require that the student government and each registered student organization file a sworn statement disclosing: (1) the sources and amounts of money received from solicitation during the preceding or current semester or summer session, and (2) the payees, their Personal Identification Numbers (P.I.N.) or social security numbers, and amounts of expenditures of funds received from solicitations. Any student government or registered student organization failing to comply with the request of the President shall be prohibited from solicitation on the campus until such person organization comes into compliance.

1.5 Demonstrations, Publications, Posters, Etc.

Reasonable and nondiscriminatory policies as to time, place, and manner may be promulgated by the President of the Component to authorize students, faculty, staff, and their registered organizations to petition, distribute publications, post signs, set up booths, and/or peacefully demonstrate on the Component campus. Such regulations shall prohibit any activity that would interfere with academic or Component programs.