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2.1 By Component Organizations.

Registered student, faculty, and/or staff organizations may use the Component's buildings and grounds in compliance with reasonable and nondiscriminatory Rules and Regulations approved by the Component President or a designee. Extracurricular use by students, faculty, or staff shall comply with local, State, and Federal law, System and Component regulations. Such activities shall not disrupt or disturb academic or other Component processes nor result in damage to or defacement of property. Registered student, faculty, or staff organizations may not enter into joint sponsorship of any on-campus project or program which involves financial commitments or the scheduling or use of facilities with non-students without prior written approval of the Component President or a designee.

2.2 By Outside Groups.

Use of grounds and physical facilities of a System Component, especially auditoriums, gymnasiums, and large rooms, by outside individuals, groups, or associations (outside groups) shall be subject to the following rules as well as policies approved by the President or a designee:

2.21    Unrestricted use by outside groups of any Component facilities and grounds is not permitted. Whenever groups share in the use of Component buildings, it must be upon the invitation of the Component and under its joint sponsorship, and with the further understanding that all the conditions governing such sponsorship are to be set by the Component.

2.22     The Component will not enter into joint sponsorship of any project or program that is to result in private gain for the cooperating individuals, group, or associations, unless the President or a designee has reviewed the project or program and has determined that such joint sponsorship serves a public purpose and adequate contractual or other controls ensure its realization as required by Article 3, Section 51, of the Texas Constitution.

2.23     The Component will not enter into joint sponsorship of any program or activity in which the educational implications or benefits are not self-evident and which does not directly supplement the educational purposes of the System. The Component, when entering into joint sponsorship of any program or activity, reserves the right to approve advertising as well as news releases.

2.24     Established as a public body without regard to political affiliation or religious faith, a Component cannot be a joint sponsor with any non-campus organization for political or sectarian gatherings. However, the appearance by or on behalf of a candidate for public office may be authorized under conditions prescribed by the Board in Paragraph 4 of this Chapter.

2.25     The authorization for use of a Component’s facilities and grounds for functions other than the Component's own activities shall be at the sole discretion of the President or a designee and subject to the needs and the convenience of the Component which are always to have priority in the scheduling of facilities.

2.26     In the case of programs for which the Component is a joint sponsor with some other individual, group, or organization, the fee to be paid by the co-sponsor will be a matter for negotiation in each case, subject to final approval by the Component President or a designee and will be specified in the agreement providing for the joint sponsorship.

2.3 Use of Motor-Driven Vehicles or Equipment.

The President of each Component shall promulgate a policy, specifying conditions for operation or use by students of Component owned, controlled or leased motor-driven vehicles or motor-driven equipment, and signed liability waivers in favor of the Component, the Board of Regents, the System, and their respective officers, employees, or agents.