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1. Anti-Fraud Policy and Reporting of Wrongful or Fraudulent Conduct

1.1 Anti Fraud Statement

1.2 Chancellor and President Responsibilities

1.3 Employee Responsibility

1.4 EthicsPoint Fraud Reporting Hotline

1.5 Reports to State Auditor’s Office

2. Board Expenses and Allowance

2.1 Transportation, Meals and Lodging

2.2 Purpose of Travel

2.3 Improper Travel Reimbursement

2.4 Travel Bonus (Frequent Flyer) Awards

2.5 Official Travel by Spouses and Relatives of Regents and Employees

2.6 Foreign Travel

2.7 Reimbursement of Expenses

3. Conflicts of Interest

3.1 Ethics Commission Financial Disclosure Statements

3.2 Contracts Prohibited

3.3 Recusal Required for Certain Types of Contracts Involving Pecuniary Interest

3.4 Regent Disclosure of Personal or Private Financial Interest

3.5 Potential Conflict of Interest of Regent

3.6 Contracts with Nonprofit Corporations

3.7 Disclosure of Interest in Property to be Acquired

4. Code of Ethics

4.1 Prohibited Actions of Regents

4.2 Prohibited Actions of Employees

5. Benefits, Gifts and Honoraria

5.1 Definitions

5.2 Bribery

5.3 Prohibited Benefits

5.4 Food, Lodging, Transportation, and Entertainment Received as a Guest

5.5 Gifts or Benefits From Friends, Relatives, and Associates

5.6 Gifts or Benefits from Outside Donors

5.7 Awards

5.8 Honoraria

6. Political Activities

6.1 Use of System Funds, Personnel or Property

6.2 Political Contributions

6.3 Entertainment

6.4 Perishable Food Items

6.5 Expenses for Public Officials

6.6 Use of Official Authority Prohibited

6.7 Use of System Funds or Property

6.8 Voting and Political Participation

6.9 Political Campaign Events on System Property

6.10 Employees as Candidates and Officeholders

6.11 Political Contributions from Employees

7. Use of Authority

7.1 Misapplication of Property

7.2 Nepotism

7.3 Misuse of Official Information

8. Dual Office Holding

8.1 Non-Elective State or Federal Office

8.2 Positions of Employment with Government Agencies

9. Training

9.1 Training of Regents

9.2 Training of Employees

10. Provisions Related to Employees Engaged in Procurement of Goods and Services

10.1 Expansion of Code of Ethics

10.2 Adherence to Policies Relating to Procurement

10.3 Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest

10.4 Prohibited Contracts

10.5 Notice to Employees and Officials of Expected Standards of Conduct

10.6 Compliance with Law Required

10.7 Conflict of Interest Prohibited

10.8 Conflict of Commitment Prohibited

10.9 Outside Employment or Activities

10.10 Reporting of Conflicts of Interest

10.11 Acting as Agent Not Permitted

10.12 Use of Component Resources

10.13 Training Required

10.14 Publication of Policies

10.15 Reporting to Board of Regents or Designee

11. Disclosure, in Public Communications, of Sponsors of Contracted Research

11.1 Disclosure Required

11.2 Definitions

12. Disclosure of Interested Parties Contracting with System Components

12.1 Contracts Exempted

12.2 Disclosure Form

12.3 Submission to Texas Ethics Commission