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2.1 Transportation, Meals, and Lodging.

2.11    Members of the Board of Regents are entitled to receive the following when traveling to conduct official business:

(1) reimbursement of expenses for meals and lodging as provided by law; and

(2) reimbursement for transportation and incidental expenses at rates specified in the General Appropriations Act for State employees.

2.12    Employees of The Texas State University System and its Components are entitled to receive the following when traveling to conduct official business:

(1) Actual costs of lodging and meals for in-state travel, except that such reimbursements may not exceed the current maximum established by law;

(2) For out-of-state travel, employees may receive actual costs for lodging and a per diem for meals not to exceed the locality-based allowance provided by the Federal Travel Regulations for lodging and meals unless the State Comptroller determines in advance of the travel that local conditions warrant a change in the lodging rate for a particular location.

2.2 Purpose of Travel.

To qualify for travel reimbursements, the purpose of a trip must be "state business" or "official business" of The Texas State University System. State or official business is the accomplishment of a governmental function directly entrusted to The Texas State University System or one of its Components, including the reasonably necessary means and methods to accomplish that function.

2.3 Improper Travel Reimbursement.

When a Regent or an employee engages in travel for which compensation is to be received from any source other than System funds, he or she shall not submit a claim under the provisions of The Texas State University System travel regulations. A Regent or an employee who receives an overpayment for a travel expense shall reimburse The Texas State University System for the overpayment.

2.4 Travel Bonus (Frequent Flyer) Awards.

Regents or employees who earn credit with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, etc. for official travel are not required to account for such credit or to use such for official travel only.

2.5 Official Travel by Spouses and Relatives of Regents or Employees.

Spouses and other relatives of Regents or employees may qualify to have travel expenses paid by The Texas State University System if their presence at a function or on a trip is for an official purpose benefiting The Texas State University System and/or the State of Texas. In making a determination of whether the presence of a spouse or relative is for an official purpose, the factors to be considered are the nature and duties of the Regent's or employee's office, the traditional role, if any, of the spouse or relative, the purpose of the particular trip, and the spouse or relative's connection with that purpose.

2.6 Foreign Travel.

A request by a Regent, System President, or System employee for travel outside of the United States, excluding Mexico or Canada, requires prior approval by the Chancellor.

2.7 Reimbursement of Expenses.

Verified expense accounts shall be submitted to the Chancellor or appropriate Component official for processing and the same shall be subject to review and control of the Board.