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8.1 Non-Elective State or Federal Office.

System and Component employees may hold non-elective offices with boards, commissions, and other state and federal entities provided that the holding of such office, (1) is of benefit to the State of Texas, or is required by state or federal law, and (2) is not in conflict with the employee's position. Such appointments must be approved by the responsible CEO of the Component. Prior to the Chancellor's or a CEO's accepting an invitation to serve in an additional non-elective office, the Board of Regents must determine that the appointment meets the two requirements stated above. The Board must also make an official record of any compensation to be received by the Chancellor or CEO from such appointment, including salary, bonus, per diem or other types of compensation.

8.2 Positions of Employment with Government Agencies.

System and Component employees may hold other positions of employment with agencies, boards, commissions, or other entities of government so long as the holding of such positions is consistent with the prohibitions against dual office holding in the Texas Constitution. Special rules for multiple employments with the State are provided in Chapter 667 of the Government Code. The person seeking dual employment must be informed of the special rules before that person becomes employed by more than one agency or institution. Consulting arrangements with federal, state, or local governmental agencies of a detached and independent advisory nature are not considered to be appointments with such agencies.