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7.1 Misapplication of Property.

A Regent shall not intentionally or knowingly misapply anything of value belonging to the government that comes into the Regent's custody or possession by virtue of his or her office with the intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another.

7.2 Nepotism.

Regents are prohibited from appointing, voting for, or confirming the appointment of any person related to such Regent within the third degree by consanguinity (blood) or within the second degree by affinity (marriage) when the salary or compensation for such person is to be paid from public funds. All employment decisions must be made in compliance with Chapter V, Subparagraph 2.2 of the System's Rules and Regulations.

7.3 Misuse of Official Information.

A Regent shall not, in reliance on information to which he or she has access in his or her official capacity and which has not been made public: (1) acquire or aid another in acquiring a pecuniary interest in any property, transaction, or enterprise that may be affected by the information; or, (2) speculate or aid another in speculating on the basis of such information.