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TSUS Joins University Systems Across the Nation to Highlight the Value of a College Degree (11/1/23)

(AUSTIN) – The Texas State University System (TSUS) has joined the National Association of System Heads (NASH) and other university systems across the country in a landmark campaign emphasizing the advantages of obtaining a college degree. The “College Is Worth It" campaign is aimed at engaging the American public in a conversation about the importance of higher education as a catalyst for personal and societal advancement.

“Throughout my time at the Texas State University System, I've witnessed countless students embark on remarkable journeys, forging prosperous futures through the opportunities their degrees have unlocked,” said Brian McCall, TSUS Chancellor and Chair of the NASH Board of Directors. “It’s incredible to see so many higher education systems come together for this campaign and emphasize the worthwhile investment college continues to be.

The campaign addresses a critical challenge – countering shifting perceptions surrounding the value of a college degree. Factors such as rising tuition costs, inflation, and evolving career paths have contributed to misconceptions about the importance of a college degree for lifelong success. This shift has put the United States at a disadvantage globally in terms of an educated workforce and civic participation.

“As a nation, we need to educate more people, and educate them better — and yet in recent years we’ve seen a disturbing trend that could have Americans taking a back seat on the global stage if we don’t change course,” said Nancy Zimpher, interim executive director of NASH. “Over my decades in higher education, I’ve seen and led many efforts to increase enrollment and expand access, but never before have public systems come together with a unified message like ‘College Is Worth It.’”

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About the Texas State University System  
The Texas State University System is the state’s first university system, with seven institutions serving more than 90,000 students from far West Texas to the Gulf Coast. Established in 1911, the mission of TSUS is to provide high-quality, affordable degree and credential programs to meet the needs of Texas’ diverse and fast-growing economy. 

About the National Association of System Heads  
Founded in 1979, the National Association of System Heads (NASH) represents the 65 public higher education systems in the United States. Member institutions work collaboratively to advance innovation and improvement in public systems of colleges and universities. To learn more about NASH and its national transformation agenda, the Power of Systems, visit