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The Texas State University System administration, under the leadership of the Chancellor, provides value-added services to the system's seven member institutions, including academic program planning, legal counsel, financial, audit, contract administration, government relations and communications services. The administration is organized within seven offices.

Academic & Health Affairs
The Office of Academic & Health Affairs provides leadership and guidance to the component institutions of the Texas State University System to create and sustain excellence in educational opportunities, research and service.

Internal Audit
The Office of Internal Audit provides independent, objective evaluations regarding enterprise-wide risk management activities, internal controls, and governance processes to the Board of Regents and TSUS executives.

The Office of Finance manages TSUS’s financial and human resources in support of the System’s educational and strategic initiatives. The office is responsible for the System’s budgeting, accounting, payroll, capital project administration, procurement, human resources, information technology, cash management and risk management functions. It also serves as a financial liaison to the Board of Regents, providing information that helps the board fulfill its fiduciary duty on behalf of the institutions and students.

General Counsel
The Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel provides legal counsel to the Board of Regents, chancellor, and component institutions, offering timely and responsible advice on an array of legal issues facing higher education.

Governmental Relations
The Office of Governmental Relations coordinates communications regarding legislative and policy matters affecting higher education on behalf of the Board of Regents, the chancellor and the seven component institutions.

Marketing & Communications
The Office of Marketing & Communications works to preserve and enhance the System's reputation and keep its constituents and communities well informed and engaged.