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Capital Projects

The Division of Capital Projects Administration supports the educational missions of the component institutions by overseeing the development and implementation of all campus facility construction and renovation projects.

The Division seeks to accomplish this goal by doing the following:

  • Coordinating approval of projects by the TSUS Board of Regents and/or the TSUS chancellor;
  • Procuring design and construction services for major capital projects;
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts with design professionals and contractors for the programming, design and construction of facilities;
  • Administering design and construction contracts; and
  • Drafting policies and procedures for facilities planning and construction, presenting such policies for approval by the TSUS Board of Regents, and implementing such policies.

The ultimate goal of the Division is to facilitate the construction of new and renovated facilities on the campuses of each of the TSUS component institutions. These facilities enable the institutions to carry out their respective missions, and to do so in an efficient and fiscally sound manner.


All finance policies may be found on the TSUS Policies webpage.

Contracts and Forms

Security Bond Form (PDF, 58.9KB)