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Transparency Reports

Texas Government Code Section 2261.253 requires the public posting of certain contracts from private vendors. This page discloses general information about the Texas State University System's contracts currently in place that are:

1. the result of a competitive solicitation; or
2. valued at $15,000 or more as allowed under Texas Education Code 51.9335.

The solicitation documents for contracts currently in place as a result of a competitive solicitation process can be found on the Formal Bid Opportunities webpage under “Closed Solicitations.”

    6/20/17 Atkins North America, Inc. TxSt AE LBJ Student Center Expansion 758-17-09068 Upon Completion Not Applicable RFQ
    12/19/17 TouchNet Information Systems Component Commerce & Payment System n/a 12/18/22 Not Applicable RFP
    6/5/18 PAGE SOUTHERLAND PAGE INC SHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine (AE) 758-18-06060 Upon Completion Not Applicable RFQ
    6/22/18 JT Vaughn Construction, LLC SHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine CMR 758-18-06061 Upon Completion Not Applicable RFQ
    6/29/18 BARNES GROMATZKY KOSAREK ARCHITECTS, INC TxSt New Res Hall: Hilltop  AE 758-18-09078 Upon Completion Not Applicable RFQ
    8/9/18 J.T. VAUGHN CONSTRUCTION, LLC TxSt Hilltop Housing Complex 758-18-09079 Upon Completion Not Applicable RFQ
    4/15/19 Cotton Commercial Services Services - Restoration 7581800059A 5/31/24 5/31/27 RFP
    5/20/19 BELFOR USA Group Services - Restoration 7581800059B 5/31/24 5/31/27 RFP
    3/19/19BlackridgeGovernmental relations7581900062A3/14/223/14/26RFP
    6/4/19Normandy GroupGovernmental relations7581900062B5/31/225/31/26RFP
    8/20/19Duff & PhelpsProperty appraisal services75819000618/31/248/31/27RFP
    8/27/19Hill InternationalProgram management services7581900063A9/1/219/1/23RFQ
    9/1/19Milestone Project Management (MPM)Program management services7581900063B9/1/219/1/23RFQ
    9/1/19Broaddus PlanningFacilites programming services75819000649/1/219/1/23RFQ
    9/1/19Facilities Programming & ConsultingFacilites programming services7581900064B9/1/219/1/23RFQ
    10/2/19Gallagher Bassett Services TPA for Auto Claims758190006810/31/2210/31/24RFP
    12/16/19Freese and Nichols, Inc.SRSU Campus Master Plan 2021-20317581907015Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    1/31/20White Construction CompanySHSU Ron Mafrige Field House Reno. (CMR)758-20-06065Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    2/4/20Freese and Nichols, Inc.LSCO Campus Master Plan 2020-20307581903009Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    2/23/20Page Southerland PageSRSU Museum of the Big Bend (AE)756-17-009Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    4/2/20Construction Managers of Southeast TexasLU Welcome Center and South Campus Entrance7582005030Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    6/5/20Alamo Architects, Inc.TxSt Infrastructure Research Laboratory A/E758-20-09090Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    6/29/20O'Donnell/Snider ConstructionLSCPA Ruby Fuller Education Bldg758-20-04013Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    7/15/20JT VAUGHN CONSTRUCTION, LLCSHSU New Parking Structure (Avenue I) (D/B)758-20-06066Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    7/17/20The Lawrence Group Architects of AustinTxSt Aqua Sports Center Reno. (AE)758-20-09091Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    8/21/20JT VAUGHN CONSTRUCTION, LLCTxSt Aqua Sports Center Reno. (CMR)758-20-09092Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    1/22/21Spartan Construction of Texas, Inc.SRSU Campus Access Projects II and III (CSP)758-21-07016Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    3/4/21H.B. Neild, Inc.LSCPA Industrial Training Center Renovation (CSP)758-21-04014Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    4/7/21D.Stafford and AssociatesClery Compliance Services758-21-000705/31/234/7/26RFP
    5/28/21Spartan Construction of Texas, Inc.SRSU Museum of the Big Bend (CSP)758-21-07017Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    6/29/21Hornberger Fuller Garza & Cohen, Inc.Outside Counsel - Legal Representation2021-758-01058/31/24Not ApplicableRFQ
    7/22/21Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, LLCTxSt Infrastructure Research Laboratory (CSP)758-21-09093Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    7/22/21Stantec  Architecture, Inc.SHSU Recreational Sports Renovation & Expansion (AE)758-21-06068Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    7/27/21Kitchell Contractors, Inc.SHSU Recreational Sports Renovation & Expansion (CMR)758-21-06069Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    8/16/21Priefert Complex Designs, LLC, Phase 1SHSU Gibbs Ranch Equestrian Facility & Agriculture Labs A/E)758-21-06070Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21Foster LLPOutside Counsel - Immigration2022-758-00888/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21Kowert, Hood, Munyon, Rankin & Goetzel, P.C.Outside Counsel - IP2022-758-00778/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21McCall Parkhurst & Horton LLPOutside Counsel - Public Fin & Bonds2022-758-01018/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21Winstead PCOutside Counsel - IP2022-758-01098/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21Winstead PCOutside Counsel - Construction2022-758-01108/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21Ervin Law Firm, PLLCOutside Counsel - Legal Representation2022-758-03548/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21Langley & BanackOutside Counsel - Real Estate2022-758-01218/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21A Biggar Law LLCOutside Counsel - Immigration2022-758-00868/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21Ann Massey Badmus PC dba Badmus & AssociatesOutside Counsel - Immigration2022-758-00898/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/21McCarthy Law Firm, P.C.Outside Counsel - Immigration2022-758-01178/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    10/1/21Littler Mendelson, P.C.Outside Counsel-Employment & Higher Ed2022-758-04598/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    10/11/21Husch Blackwell LLPOutside Counsel - Health2022-758-04418/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    11/1/21Winstead PCOutside Counsel - Tax2022-758-04928/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    12/10/21Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, LLCSHSU Gibbs Ranch Equestrian Facility & Agriculture Labs (CMR)758-21-06072Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    1/11/22Plexos GroupPost-disaster Administrative Support ServicesTSUS-22FB-0000312/14/2412/14/26RFP
    1/19/22Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley, & Norton, LLPOutside Counsel - Intellectual Property2022-758-05218/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    2/1/22Fritz, Byrne, Head & Gilstrap PLLCOutside Counsel - Real Estate2022-758-05348/31/23Not ApplicableRFQ
    2/2/22Academic HealthPlans, IncStudent Health Insurance BrokerTSUS-22FB-000021/31/251/31/27RFP
    2/2/22Page Southerland PageSHSU Campus Master Planning Services758-21-06071Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    2/21/22Wells Fargo Merchant ServicesMerchant ServicesTSUS-22FB-000061/31/27Not ApplicableRFP
    4/25/22RL TownsendConstruction Audit ServicesTSUS-22FB-000088/31/258/31/27RFQ
    5/10/22Deloitte & TouchePost-disaster Administrative Support ServicesTSUS-22FB-000045/8/255/8/27RFP
    5/16/22O'Donnell Snider Construction, LLCLSCPA Commercial Driver Education & Examination Ctr (CMR)758-22-04016Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFP
    6/7/22PBK Architects, Inc.LSCO New Academic Building (A/E)758-22-03011Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    6/24/22Hoar Construction, LLCSHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Parking Structure (D-B)758-22-06073Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    9/1/22PBK Architects, Inc.LIT Workforce & Allied Health Training Center (A/E)758-22-02010Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    9/20/22Pfluger Architects, Inc.TxSt Bobcat Stadium End Zone Complex Expansion758-22-09094Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    10/17/22KPMGPost-disaster Administrative Support ServicesTSUS-22FB-000059/20/259/20/27RFP
    9/21/22White Construction CompanyTxSt Bobcat Stadium End Zone Complex Expansion (CMR)758-22-09097Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    9/21/22SpawGlass Construction Corp.LIT Workforce & Allied Health Training Center (CMR)758-22-02011Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    9/14/22Braun Intertec CorporationLIT-LSCO-LSCPA IDIQ Geotechnical + CMT Services (IDIQ)758-22-00075 (1)Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    9/14/22Terracon Consultants, Inc.LIT-LSCO-LSCPA IDIQ Geotechnical + CMT Services (IDIQ)758-22-00075 (2)Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    8/10/22Fittz & Shipman, Inc.LIT-LSCO-LSCPA-LU IDIQ Land Surveying Professional Services (IDIQ)758-22-00076 (1)Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    8/10/22Landtech, Inc.LIT-LSCO-LSCPA-LU IDIQ Land Surveying Professional Services (IDIQ)758-22-00076 (2)Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    8/10/22Surveying and Mapping, LLC (SAM)LIT-LSCO-LSCPA-LU IDIQ Land Surveying Professional Services (IDIQ)758-22-00076 (3)Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    1/11/23Fritz Byrne, PLLCOutside Counsel - Litigation2023-758-00451/11/25Not ApplicableRFQ
    1/1/23Arthur J GallagherServices - Insurance BrokerTSUS-23FB-000128/31/278/31/31RFP
    2/2/23Campus Master Planning ServicesLU Campus Master Planning Services 2024-2034758-22-05033Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    3/1/23Stantec Architecture, Inc.LSCPA Allied Health and Sciences Building758-23-04017Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    3/31/23Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, LLCLSCPA Allied Health and Sciences Building (CMR)758-23-04018Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    4/5/23Timely MDServices - Telemental Health TSUS-23FB-000144/2/264/2/28RFP
    6/30/23Page Southerland Page, Inc.TxSt Campus Master Plan758-23-09102Upon CompletionNot ApplicableRFQ
    1/28/18Texas Disposal SystemsServices - Trash & Recyclingnone1/28/24Existing - IHE
    9/1/19Blackboard Inc.Master Terms Agmt for the System758100320198/31/24GPO - NCPA
    10/20/20NAVEXSoftware - renewalP211000811/30/23Sole Source - OEM
    11/2/20Texas Energy AggregationServices - Energy Sourcing758-EC-210028/31/23State - SPD
    12/21/20Sightlines LLCServices - Building Study758-EC-210038/31/25GPO - Sourcewell
    2/1/21Anthem ExecutiveServices - Executive Search FirmP2101018Upon DeliveryExisting - IHE
    3/3/21BMS CatServices - Disaster Recovery & RemediationP2103021Upon DeliveryExisting - IHE
    3/4/21Action RestorationServices - Disaster Recovery & Remediation758-EC-210049/30/22GPO - Buyboard
    3/4/21BMS CatServices - Disaster Recovery & RemediationP2103023Upon DeliveryExisting - IHE
    4/12/21Critical MentionServices - Media MonitoringP21040256/30/24Informal Bid
    5/18/21Symmetry Energy SolutionsServices - Natural GasEB-1205-T3/31/25Exempt
    9/21/21Russell ReynoldsServices - Executive Search Firm758-EC-220019/15/22Local
    3/4/22Hanover Research Council LLCServices - Market ResearchTSUS-22EC-000072/28/25Existing - IHE
    3/25/22AGB SearchServices - Executive Search FirmP220302111/25/22Local
    4/1/22SystematesSoftware subscriptionP22030203/31/23GPO - TIPs
    9/1/22Wolters KluwerSoftware subscriptionP23080328/31/23State - DIR
    9/1/22University of TexasServices - Internet Connection2022-50858/31/23Exempt
    9/1/22Insider Higher EdServices - AdvertisingP23080348/31/23Exempt
    1/1/23Thompson ReutersSubscription - Westlaw accessP231204312/31/25State - DIR
    1/1/23SHI Government SolutionsSubscription - Workiva accessP231204412/31/23GPO - TIPS
    1/17/23DeloitteServices - policy reviewP23010452/15/23Local
    4/1/23SystematesSoftware subscriptionP23030493/31/24GPO - TIPs
    4/10/23Schulman, Lopez, Hoffer & Adelstein, LLPOutside Counsel - Litigation2023-758-00618/31/23Emergency
    3/25/23CapTrustServices - Retirement PlanningTSUS-23EC-000133/15/28Existing - IHE
    5/9/23Shell EnergyServices - Electricity 262618-35/8/30Exempt
    6/2/23Wolters KluwerSoftware subscriptionP23060548/31/24State - DIR
    7/20/23CSI AviationServices - plane charterP23070568/11/23GPO - Alliance 
    8/20/23Arthur J. GallagherServices - Risk ManagementP24080609/20/23Local
    9/1/23Insider Higher EdServices - AdvertisingP24080578/31/24Exempt
    9/1/23TouchNetServices - Cashiering Services/Online Payment TSUS-24EC-000168/31/33Existing - IHE
    9/6/23CSI AviationServices - plane charterP24090619/17/23GPO - Alliance 
    10/1/23TD IndustriesSerivces - Building MaintenanceP24090638/31/24GPO - Omnia
    10/5/23Navex GlobalServices - Hotline subscriptionP241006611/30/25Informal Bid
    10/19/23Cain Fine ArtServices - art collection appraisalP24100681/15/24Informal Bid

Reports on Interagency Contracts

The General Appropriations Act requires the public posting of information on any interagency contract with a value that exceeds, or may reasonably be expected to exceed, $10 million.  Information must be made available no later than 30 days after the end of each fiscal year. 

The Texas State University System has no eligible interagency contracts.