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Chancellor's Council

Welcome to the Chancellor's Council

The Chancellor’s Council is an esteemed community of friends and alumni of Texas State University System (TSUS) institutions. As valued members, they play an important role in supporting Chancellor Brian McCall in fulfilling his mission as the System’s chief executive. The Council is dedicated to raising public awareness of and support of TSUS and its component institutions.

Chancellor's Council members receive regular communication from the Chancellor and are invited to attend special events with key administrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely, Chancellor’s Council members can make donations of any amount via our online portal, thereby supporting the Chancellor’s initiatives on behalf of TSUS component institutions.

    Donations can also be mailed to:

    Chancellor’s Council
    c/o The Texas State University System
    601 Colorado Street
    Austin, TX 78701

    Every donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. After the donation is received and processed, donors will be issued a gift receipt through the mail.

  • A Chancellor’s Council membership is valid for 365 days and can be renewed indefinitely.

  • Yes, Chancellor’s Council members enjoy a range of benefits, including networking opportunities with key administrators, early access to important news and updates, and invitations to special events. These benefits contribute to a deeper engagement with TSUS and its member institutions.

  • The Chancellor’s Council supports initiatives that enhance the overall quality, accessibility, and impact of education within the Texas State University System. These initiatives can range from scholarships, internship opportunities, and research grants to infrastructure improvements and community engagement projects. The Council plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of higher education in the state.