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Costs and Billing

Charges for copies of public information are determined by the Office of the Attorney General. In general, if the number of copies in your request is less than 50 pages, the charge will be $0.10 per page plus the cost of postage (or other delivery method, at your request). If the number of copies is more than 50 pages, the charge will be $0.10 per page plus personnel costs necessary to locate, compile and copy the documents. Charges also include the cost of postage.

If the charge for fulfilling your requests exceeds $40, we will provide you with an itemized written estimate of the charges and indicate if a less costly alternative is available. You must respond in writing within 10 days after the estimate is sent that you will accept the costs, or that you desire any stated alternative. If no written response is received in the time allowed by law, your request will be considered withdrawn.

If the estimated charge is more than $100, the TSUS or its institutions will generally require a prepaid deposit or bond before providing the information. Also, if you have an unpaid balance of more than $100 relating to previous requests, a prepaid deposit or bond will be required.