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Making an Open Records Request

Open Records requests are processed at the institution where the information is located. For example, to request records from Sul Ross State University, a request must be directed to that particular institution. So, if you are seeking information located at several institutions, a request must be made to each institution and you will receive a separate response from each institution.

Requests for records under the Public Information Act must be in writing and must seek public records or other documents. The law does not require a governmental agency to answer questions about its reasons for a particular action, decision, policy or other matter within its scope of authority.

Including the following information in your request will help ensure that you receive the information you want:

  • Name and contact information (so we can send you the requested information)
  • Phone number (to clarify any questions we have about how to respond to your request)
  • A description of the specific information you are interested in, including time periods. Try to be as specific as possible about the information you are seeking.