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Research & Development

Across the Texas State University System, faculty and student researchers are working to address some of the state's biggest challenges, from protecting the Texas' natural resources to training the nation's law enforcement officers to respond effectively to mass shootings.


The Texas Invasive Species Institute

The Texas Invasive Species Institute is the first comprehensive effort in Texas focused on the early detection of and rapid response to invasive species that impact ecosystems and the Texas economy. The Institute draws from the expertise of more than 40 researchers across the Texas State University System. This expertise enables TISI to apply effective measures currently lacking in Texas when dealing with detection and rapid response to invasive species.

Christmas Mountains

The Christmas Mountains are a small range of mountains next to Big Bend National Park in Brewster County, Texas, United States. The highest peak is 5,728 feet (1,746 m) above sea level. The 9,270-acre tract is owned by the Texas State University System and is open to the public and to academic researchers.

Task Force for Active Attack Preparation

photo taken of a classroom of adult students

In March 2018, the Texas State University System Task Force for Active Attack Preparation (Task Force) was formed in response to regental and Chancellor concerns for the wellbeing of our campus communities.  Component institutions nominated 15 Task Force members that included representatives from faculty, campus law enforcement, emergency management and administration. The Task Force members met multiple times in Austin, as well as completed safety audits on their individual campuses, which resulted in the creation of a training video, System policy recommendations and a virtual tool kit, to assist any campus looking for research-based best practices for developing their own emergency operations plans.

Workgroups and Networks

  • The Chief Research Officers meet three times throughout the year to discuss current and upcoming research initiatives across the system. This team includes representatives from each university in the system.

  • The Texas State University System Christmas Mountains Faculty Advisory Council meets several times per year, virtually and occasionally in-person at the property, to provide leadership and strategic guidance to the System regarding the operation and programming of the TSUS Christmas Mountains Field Station.

Research Centers