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Online Learning, Technology, & Innovation

The Texas State University System uses technology to design and deliver solutions that support innovative and transformational learning experiences. From pre-college to industry training and professional development, TSUS component institutions are expanding and reimagining the learning experience.


Shared Services

The TSUS Shared Services Initiative, with leadership from SHSU Online, enables the facilitation of online education at scale for TSUS institutions. The initiative plays a key role in maintaining operations in case of disruptive disasters, like Hurricane Harvey and COVID-19. Participating TSUS institutions enter a voluntary partnership agreement whereby distance education departments collaborate to pool resources.

Alternative Credentials

In the ever-changing global economy, corporations are seeking talented employees with wide-ranging credentials. In response, TSUS colleges and universities are developing alternative credentials and certificate programs to address business and industry expectations and to prepare well-rounded students with highly marketable skills.

Workforce Training and Development

TSUS institutions are partnering with state agencies and industry to develop and support workforce training and development programs that address the skills gaps for the labor force. Through a highly collaborative process, institutions have dedicated staffing to support content development, curation, and customization, as well as shared technology access and ongoing support to achieve the desired outcome for any organization.

Workgroups and Networks

  • The Online Directors meet two times per year to discuss current and upcoming initiatives related to online education across the system. This team includes representatives from each component institution.